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March Florida Weather Stats

Average High:81°

Average Low:61°

Mean Temperature:71°

Average Precipitation:4.4 inches

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Best Florida Windows Choices for Your Home

Florida's climate differs from any other state in the U.S. except for Hawaii. Southern Florida is the only sub-tropical region in the continental U.S. Statewide, the climate is very hot, very wet, with short, mild winters. Homeowners in Florida seeking replacement windows don't need the highest-rated windows for heat insulation as much as they need windows that offer a high degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation. And windows that can resist impact are a must in Florida's coastal regional that are exposed to hurricanes.

Best Type of Replacement Windows For Florida Homes

Replacement windows that do offer higher degrees of insulation, such as multi-pane, gas-filled models, help reduce the need for air conditioning, and they also provide a better buffer against outside noise penetrating the house. However, costs for these types of replacement windows usually far exceeds standard window models--and annual energy savings are minimal, Energy Star reports. Double-pane windows save Floridians less than $200 per year.

One way to beat the Florida heat is to purchase replacement windows with specially glazed panes that cut the solar gain absorbed during the day. Tinted or glazed glass reflects the sunlight and keeps it from penetrating your home without affecting the view through the window. Ask your replacement window professional about "hot climate glazing systems" when discussing the best replacement windows for Florida homes.

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Damage Control: Impact-Resistant Replacement Windows in Florida

Florida's building code requires use of impact-resistant windows in counties with the highest susceptibility to hurricanes. Laminated window panes are one method of adhering to this code. Another is to attach exterior storm shutters. Homeowners should compare the costs of purchasing standard replacement windows and storm shutters against buying more expensive laminated glass windows.