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March Florida Weather Stats

Average High:81°

Average Low:61°

Mean Temperature:71°

Average Precipitation:4.4 inches

* Save on your heating and cooling bills by having windows designed for the Florida weather.

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Replacement Windows in Florida

When it comes to high energy costs, Florida is not a state that immediately comes to mind. But although heating is not often required there, the cost of cooling your Florida home can be considerable. To keep the heat out and the cool in, energy efficient replacement windows can be a big help...Read More

Florida Windows Investment Tips

Window replacement can be a big project. Making the best long-term investment in replacement windows in Florida varies from place to place. Miami, for example, has more cooling needs, while Tallahassee needs more heat. To make the best choice among today's high-performance windows, ask for written data and compare the following ratings, which are posted on ENERGY STAR windows...Read More

The Best Replacement Windows for Florida

People move to Florida for sunshine, and they get it! Across the state, it's best to minimize east and west exposures which are hard to shade in mornings and afternoons. The sun can be brutally hot. Residents constantly deal with high winds, torrential storms and, in some years, sudden frost. Now you can save on energy costs, receive a $1,500 Federal tax credit, and protect your home from sun and the elements by installing Energy Star vinyl replacement windows in your Florida home...Read More

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Replacement windows for your home not only upgrade the look, but have the potential to dramatically lower your heating bills. Besides that, replacement windows add to your home's resale value. Homeowners in Florida can sometimes recoup a significant portion of their original investment in vinyl windows, or new wood windows. This pay off comes from tax credits, rebates, and local incentives that make replacement windows in Florida attractive...Read More

4 Reasons to Replace Your Florida Windows

As the economy seems to be improving, housing values in Florida are beginning to stabilize or even rise in some places. If you have ever considered a window replacement for your Florida home, now might be your best time to have it done...Read More

Choosing Your Florida Windows

Floridians experience a wide-range of annual temperatures and natural events that impact their homes. The Sunshine State is baked with heat and clear skies much of the year. The average summer highs in the 80s in Miami Beach, for example, are stark contrasts to unseasonal lows in the 50s. South Florida is 400 miles closer to the tropics than Northern Florida, where 60 inches of rain can fall in the panhandle and sudden frosts plague the citrus-growing central state...Read More

Save Money with Window Replacement in Your Florida Home

If you are considering window replacement for your Florida home, be sure to choose a window that looks great, performs well, and, most importantly, saves you money. Here are a few money-saving window features that you should consider when buying replacement windows in Florida...Read More

Low-E Florida Replacement Windows

Many homeowners believe that "Low-E" is a good option for replacement windows in cold climates since the specially-designed coating allows the sun's heat to be absorbed, but doesn't allow it to escape back outside.

But what about Florida? Should you bother with the extra expense of Low-E windows in a hot climate where you want extra heat kept out of the house--rather than sealed in?...Read More

Best Florida Windows Choices for Your Home

Florida's climate differs from any other state in the U.S. except for Hawaii. Southern Florida is the only sub-tropical region in the continental U.S. Statewide, the climate is very hot, very wet, with short, mild winters. Homeowners in Florida seeking replacement windows don't need the highest-rated windows for heat insulation as much as they need windows that offer a high degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation. And windows that can resist impact are a must in Florida's coastal regional that are exposed to hurricanes...Read More

Window Replacement in Florida: What To Know

Because of its climate, Florida windows primarily require cooling features. The Sunshine State's average annual temperatures range from 77 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit for the highs, and from 56 to 73 degrees Fahrenheit for the lows...Read More

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